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7 highly effective reasons induction brazing beats flame or furnace brazing

Posted by Laurie Applegate on Feb 21, 2017 10:24:00 AM


Induction brazing has many advantages over flame or furnace brazing. This short list may make you reconsider your current manufacturing process, especially if you produce in high volumes.

1. Speed Up Production:

Since the induction process creates heat within the parts rather than on the surface, brazing workpieces is much faster than heating by conventional flame or furnace.

2. Braze Precisely:

Unlike conventional brazing, induction brazing allows one to heat workpieces and components highly selectively, minimally impacting surrounding components. This also makes the technique suitable for areas that are very difficult to access and those that require secure, high-quality joining.

3. Increase Quality of Joints:

Consistent heat input creates superior brazing joints.

4. Repeat Brazes with Precision:

The ease of creating a reproducible process makes induction brazing ideal for serial, high volume production.

5. Increase Energy Efficiency:

Induction brazing wastes less energy. During waiting times or pause intervals, eldec’s induction heating generators require virtually no energy (except standby power for the control system). The induction brazing process can also be restarted immediately, without a delay or warm-up period.

6. Improve Safety:

Since the induction brazing process involves no fuel gas and no open flame, the process is safer than conventional brazing. Selective heating also directly targets the desired area of the workpiece without heating the nearby surfaces.

7. Reduce Down Time and Increase Reliability:

Since the heating process by induction brazing does not require any contact between the inductor and the workpiece, inductors experience minimal wear and are replaced less often.

brazed-carbide-metal-pins_2.jpgPrecisely controlled, powerful generators from eldec provide fast and accurate heating, ensuring that your production process can enjoy these benefits. Whether your workpieces are large, medium or small, in the plant or in the field, eldec makes an induction brazing generator to meet your specific needs.

eldec offers solutions for induction brazing for the following materials:

  • copper and copper alloys
  • brass
  • aluminum
  • iron
  • steel, stainless steel and all types of carbides
  • tungsten
  • chromium
  • nickel and nickel alloys
  • cobalt and precious metals

Components like this carbide metal pin, pictured in the photo on the right, are used in road building and in a similar form in mining as cutter heads. In this simple example carbide metal was brazed to the end of the head of pins to extend their service life. Induction brazing was used due to the large quantity of workpieces, the quality required and to increase energy efficiency. eldec generators are often used in more complex settings with a higher level of automation than shown here.

At eldec every project, including process analysis, begins with a consultation with our knowledgeable application engineers. Learn how eldec can assist you.




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