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Complex parts demand custom-made inductors

Posted by Laurie Applegate on Apr 26, 2017 1:46:00 PM


More manufacturers are using induction heating because the process offers a variety of advantages and is applicable to a wide range of industries including: automotive, aerospace and power generation to name a few.. To a great extent, however, results depend on the type and quality of inductor coil used. The shape of the tool must be customized very precisely to match the part. This requirement calls for specialized expertise in inductor manufacturing.

Experience is key

The technicians at eldec have a thorough understanding of the different applications of induction heating. For close to 20 years, they have been developing and custom-manufacturing induction coils in the USA.

“In 2016, we produced or repaired more than 700 inductors – and the trend rising,” said Mark Davis, Inside Sales Manager at eldec. “Our customers put their trust in eldec due to the experience and skills of our coil makers and engineers. Induction coil manufacturing is a demanding process depending on so many intricate details. When you're brazing or assembling the coil, every step has to be precise. The quality of outcome is crucial to our customers.”

After the initial consultation eldec custom designs an inductor using 3D software.Custom manufacturing

eldec's customers benefit right from the start because application engineers at eldec review part drawings or actual parts with the customer to develop a production process. Temperature accuracy plays an important role here and is often process critical. Precise heating is only possible with the right mix of inductor geometry, frequency, power and magnetic field characteristics. Questions that are asked during the initial consultation include:

  • How is the induction process carried out in detail?
  • What is the range of temperatures needed?
  • What is the power requirement from the generator?
  • What shape should the inductor take on to not only optimize the heating process, but also make it easy to use with the customer workpiece?

“Once these questions are answered, we begin designing the inductor with the aid of the latest 3D CAD software,” Davis explained. “We physically test the final coil design on the real part and develop a recipe (power and time settings) for the final production process. If the quality of the induction coil doesn't satisfy us completely, we make changes and rework the coil until it provides the desired result.”

Custom inductor manufacturing is an important aspect of eldec's expertise.Flexible production and service options

Another important aspect of eldec's services is the high degree of flexibility offered in inductor design and production. Customers requiring a certain number of tools each year can enter into a framework agreement with the company. eldec then produces the new inductor on a just-in-time basis, minimizing lead times and stock quantities.

“We apply the knowledge gained from our experience to all aspects of the process, ensuring highly efficient and reliable production processes as a result,” Davis concluded.

Established in Auburn Hills, Michigan in 1998, eldec LLC (a member of the EMAG Group) sells, manufactures and services induction heating coils throughout the North American market, including the United States, Mexico and Canada. eldec also remanufactures, refurbishes and repairs coils. Service is not limited to its own coils. eldec also refurbishes and repairs coils from other suppliers, and offers dimensional and functional inspections as well.

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