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Does eldec offer installation, commissioning, and training on equipment?

Posted by Laurie Applegate on Oct 4, 2017 8:05:00 AM


induction heating system trainingQ: Does eldec offer installation, commissioning, and training on equipment?

A: Yes, our service department offers installation and commissioning help, as well as training at eldec’s facility in Auburn Hills, MI or at your facility upon request.

  • Customized User training: Individually or in small groups, your staff will learn how to get the best productivity levels from your eldec system.
  • Maintenance training: Maintenance and appropriate care can significantly increase the service life of your machine. To prevent down time and maintain your production levels, we offer maintenance training courses, where your maintenance operatives will learn preventive maintenance tactics so that your manufacturing system always runs smoothly.
  • Inductor design and inductor manufacturing training: Since eldec believes the design and quality of inductors are key to every eldec system, we offer specialized inductor manufacturing training. The course is subdivided into theoretical and practical parts. Participants are first taught the theoretical principles behind good design, and then move on to practical exercises, where they learn how to build a suitable coil based on frequency, material and power density.

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