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Induction Brazing in Electric Motor Manufacturing

CAD-exploded-view-short-circuit-ring-brazing-2a.pngA new Technical Bulletin released by eldec LLC discusses the use of induction heating for brazing short-circuit rings of electric motors' rotors. Although the example in the bulletin applies to small and mid-size electric motors, the concepts discussed can be applied to many electric motor manufacturing applications including (but not limited to):

  • Automotive and locomotive drives
  • Large pump and industrial motors
  • Wind generators
  • Shrink fitting of motor housings
  • Shrink fitting of motor shafts and rotors

Read Induction Brazing of Short-Circuit Rings in Electric Motor Production.

In June the induction brazing experts from eldec will travel to Tampa, Florida, for the 2017 EASA (Electro-Mechanical Authority) Convention. Meet up with them June 25th - 27th in booth number 1224 at the Tampa Convention Center to learn more about how induction brazing can improve your electric motor production.

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