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Simple Adapter Protects Coax Transformers

Posted by Laurie Applegate on Jul 12, 2017 8:05:00 AM


eldec's coax saver protects coax transformers.Save time and money with eldec's tip.

A coax saver is an adapter that acts as a short extension between the coax transformer and the induction coil. Tighten the adapter onto the coax transformer once and then coils can be changed at the opposite end. Without a coax saver over-tightening can lead to thread stripping on the nuts. Under-tightening can cause arcing between the coil and coax contact surfaces, which can lead to surface pitting. Current may also run through the stud to the clamp, which can melt the stud.

If an adapter is used and the coil is mistakenly too loose or too tight, the damage occurs on the coax saver rather than the coax transformer itself. This is important because coax savers cost a few hundred dollars rather than thousands of dollars spent to repair or replace the entire coax transformer.

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