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Strip copper transformer wires quickly

Posted by Laurie Applegate on Sep 27, 2017 8:05:00 AM


Insulation-coated, copper wires used in transformer production can be quickly stripped using induction technology. At a temperature of 1,112° F (600° C), the coating evaporates within seconds, making the process ideal for industrial applications such as the production of transformers or electrical machinery. Prior to connection to the transformer, the ends of the wires must be stripped of this coating – a standard process that takes some time. This can be accomplished using a variety of methods. However, sanding down the insulation is difficult if the wire has several layers, and a process using open flames carries certain health and safety risks.


Strip insulation-coated copper wire quickly.Considering these factors, induction heating is a quicker and safer alternative. In addition, heat is distributed evenly in the metal – regardless of the complexity of the wire’s winding – and causes fewer defects. eldec LLC recommends using  30 kW medium-frequency generators as well as a custom-made inductor that has a special coating to prevent short circuits when making contact with the wire during the heating process. eldec’s MFG generator has a control that ensures perfectly even, fast and efficient heat input. Benefits include:


  • Uniform stripping
  • Fast processes
  • Precise control
  • Customized generator configuration

If stripping copper wires is part of your production process, contact eldec to learn more about improving your process efficiency and safety. Drop us a line, give us a call or come see us at CWIEME Chicago (Booth # F44, October 3-5), The Assembly Show Chicago (Booth #2011, October 24-26) or FABTECH Chicago (Booth#B37041, 6-9). Let us know you're coming and ask us about Free Admission Tickets.

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