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Induction Heating in Action

Posted by Laurie Applegate on Mar 7, 2018 10:33:00 AM


Seeing a process in action is the best way to understand how induction heating works. Here’s a quick list of links to eldec videos showing how induction heating was used in four completely different applications:

See induction heating in action in four application video examples from eldec LLC.Induction Brazing of Heat Exchanger Tubes with a Robot

The brazing of heat exchanger tubes is performed quickly and easily with an eldec Generator. Induction brazing is ideal for this process as it provides a high degree of reliability and reproducibility from one joint to the next. As seen in this video, the process can be taken a step further and, by pairing the eldec generator with a robot and using alloy rings, the entire brazing process can be automated. View the video.

Induction Brazing Demonstration of a Cooper to Copper Joint

In this demonstration, two copper pieces are brazed together using Silfos15 brazing alloy. See how how easily the pieces are joined.

Induction Brazing of Short Circuit Ring for Wind Turbine Manufacture

In this case, short-circuit rings in the electric generator of a wind turbine were brazed using induction.  View the video.

Wire Stripping Using Induction

Insulation-coated, copper wires used in transformer production can be stripped quickly and effectively using induction technology. See how fast and simple the process is.

Brazing and wire stripping are not the only ways induction heating can be used. The process can also be used to shrink fit and join components for motors and transmissions in automotive, aerospace and energy generation industries. It is used to strengthen joints in an annealing process or to bond a coating to metal through adhesive curing. Read about additional applications.

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