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Induction Pre-heating & Laser Welding 

Posted by Laurie Applegate on Feb 21, 2018 11:05:00 AM


In Automotive Component Production
Faster. Better. Cheaper. Leaner!

It’s the mantra of auto production today. The desire for lighter, yet safer and more fuel-efficient vehicles poses even more challenges — not only for designers of the exterior of vehicles, but also for the designers of component parts as well. The anticipated switch from gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles to electric has increased the urgency for finding new ways to assemble transmissions and other parts.

Joints that were once held together with bolts can now be laser welded, using induction.Assembly of automotive gear wheels is a good example. Joints that were once held together with bolts can now be laser welded, using induction pre-heating. Here’s why:

  • The process is faster – pre-heating brings the workpiece to a precisely defined temperature within seconds.
  • The process is better – pre-heating prevents cracks from forming.
  • The process is cheaper – laser welding with induction pre-heating eliminates the need for bolts and counter-sinking holes, thereby reducing the required thickness of the material and decreasing material costs.
  • Components are leaner  lighter parts add to overall automotive fuel efficiency.

Today’s cycle time requirements can be as low as five seconds. Producing high quantities in so little time without any processing errors is a major challenge for manufacturers, especially for those welding mass-produced components. To ensure process reliability and efficiency, the procedure often uses an integrated process ranging from inspection and washing to brushing and ultrasonic inspection of the weld. Adding induction heating and laser welding to the process allows the gear wheel to be heated precisely and quickly to a machining temperature of about 160 to 180° C (320-356° F) without overheating the component, which would cause a loss of hardness, oxidation or unacceptable deformation of the part.

Why contact eldec LLC?

Change to your production process can be scary, but eldec will guide you through. Our induction experts:

  • Have decades of experience in integrating induction heating processes into higher-level welding systems.
  • Use thermographic imaging to look inside the component and verify only the desired areas are heated.
  • Will adapt the geometry of the inductor and select a performance class of generator for the specific heating task.
  • Offer process development advice designed to make your manufacturing process as lean as possible.
  • Have a cooperative relationship with EMAG and can design modular induction systems that can include induction heating as well as laser welding.

In addition, eldec generators:

  • Are easy to integrate thanks to advanced electronics.
  • Have intuitive controls that make them easy to operate.
  • Are virtually maintenance-free and reliable.
  • Are energy efficient.
  • And are available in medium and high frequency models as well as dual or simultaneous frequency models, configured with one or multiple (up to eight) power outputs, which can be controlled independently or simultaneously.

Contact eldec today. Let us help you make your manufacturing process faster, better, cheaper and leaner.

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