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Induction Generator Spare Parts

Posted by Laurie Applegate on Feb 7, 2018 11:10:00 AM


Does eldec stock spare parts and components for its induction heating generators?

Yes, we do. eldec keeps its shelves stocked with replacement parts and components for its line of generators and induction heating systems. Many parts can be shipped within three to four business days or less to locations in the United States. Locations in Canada and Mexico require additional shipping time.

Call eldec to order your induction generator spare parts kit today!We also recommend, however, that shops with induction heating systems maintain their own replacement supply of some spare parts in order to avoid costly down time. Here are a few suggestions from our service department:

Induction Heating Coils

Very important "spare parts" that are often overlooked are replacement induction heating coils. While our shop does its best to accommodate emergency repairs, shipping alone usually takes a minimum of two days, not including the repair time. If your induction generator is running nearly 24/7, its a good idea to have at least three coils on hand -- one on the machine, at least one on the shelf and one out for repair when needed. Calculate the cost of your downtime versus the cost to have a spare inductor on the shelf when deciding how many inductors to order.

Coaxial Transformer

An extra coaxial transformer is another spare part to consider having on hand. Although the transformer and cable bundle can be expensive to keep as a spare, lead times for repair are typically long. Again, you may wish to calculate the cost of your downtime versus the cost of the transformer in order to make your decision.

Coaxial Transformer Adapter

A coax saver is an adapter that acts as a short extension between the coaxial transformer and the induction coil. If an adapter is used and the coil is mistakenly too loose or too tight, the damage occurs on the coax saver rather than the coax transformer itself. This is important because coax savers cost a few hundred dollars rather than thousands of dollars spent to repair or replace the entire coax transformer. This handy device can help keep your induction heating process humming along.

Spare Part Kits

Every new eldec induction generator comes standard with its own unique spare parts kit. Since different sizes of generators require different spare parts, it is best to contact eldec's service department to find out exactly what your system requires. We'll help you order what you need and give you up-to-date information on estimated delivery time.


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